Austerity, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas 190 x 143

We are living in a shattered world
Color fragments start appearing like in a movie 
They can speak about Plenitude or Emptiness
Euphoria or Reluctance
Extravagance or Austerity
They can speak about us

Austerity invites us to meditate
To stop for a moment
To rethink
To be aware

We are living our lives with such intensity that in the past I wished I had longer days. Now I would also need them wider.
We are doing multiple things at the same time, we have many windows constantly open on our cellphones, computers, minds … in our lives.
Painting is for me the pause.
When I enter my studio I enter to a new dimension of time. There is only one window open: my painting.
Although I do not plan my paintings, most of them rest on white. White represents silence that is essential in my life.
I start playing with lines, creating patterns that insist on leaving the frame, on pushing the limits of the canvas.
My intuition is my guide.
I like to keep the sensual gesture of the brushstroke and the unavoidable imperfection of the line on the canvas. Thus confronting the apparent rigid order given by geometry.
Color is a key element in my works.
I like to create systems of radiating color possibilities.
My challenge is to experiment these endless combinations.
The color fragments start appearing like in a movie. They can be vibrant or not, they can trigger emotional turbulence or they can invite you to meditate. The paintings aim at the nervous system and colors work on the retina, to then swing emotions into relaxation or exaltations.
Colors can speak of Plenitude or Emptiness, Euphoria or Reluctance, Extravagance or Austerity.
Colors can speak about us.​​​​​​​

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